Prevent Nausea after Drinking Green Tea

We are well aware of the health benefits of green tea. However, there is a good number of the population who is still unconvinced of the healing power of this popular health beverage.

Even though green tea is known to treat many common ailments, there are some unlucky tea drinkers who actually experience nausea and stomach upset after sipping a cup that is why they decide to stop drinking it.

There may be several reasons why certain people get nauseous after drinking tea but the most common culprit could be the presence of caffeine. There are people who are caffeine intolerant or may even be allergic to any food and drinks that contain caffeine. That explains the nauseous feeling and the stomach upset. However, this condition is not true to all people.

If you love tea so much but could not stand the uncomfortable feeling of nausea after dinking it, there are ways to prevent it but still get to enjoy a good cup of steaming green tea.

One way to lessen nausea is by adding a small amount of milk into the tea before drinking it. It will help neutralize some of the stronger flavors of the tea that is causing a reaction from your body especially caffeine. There is a problem, though, when you do this. Tea is known for the presence of polyophenols, a group of chemical substance found in plants and are recognized as a good source of antioxidants. When you mix milk with your tea, it might inactivate some of the polyphenols present in it.

Another way to avoid feeling nauseous after drinking tea is to fill your stomach with some food first. This is effective for some people. It will also help if you add a little amount of ginger to your green tea. Ginger is one of the best remedies for nausea.

If any of these sound suggestions do not work and you still suffer nausea after having a cup of tea, try switching to decaffeinated green tea. If the feeling of queasiness has disappeared, then the problem could be from the caffeine content. This is because an increase of caffeine dosage can sometimes trigger nausea and an irritation in the stomach by causing more acid secretion from the lining of the stomach. It can also worsen the symptoms of esophageal reflux. A good idea to avoid these illnesses is to switch to decaffeinated tea and the nausea may stop.

The good news is, the side effects that some experience after drinking green tea is only temporary. If you have never tried drinking tea before, you may want to drink lesser amounts firsts and then slowly work your way up. Give your body time to get used to it. Sometimes, our body needs to adjust to new substances that are introduced to it. Nevertheless, do not let this small problem discourage you from trying green tea. It is still among the healthiest beverage around and you will never know it until you try.

Ann Trenton has been writing Internet articles on different health subjects for the past several years. She is a registered nurse who began writing stories as a little girl. She enjoys writing articles and blog posts about tea and tea time.