Why Drink Green Tea When You Can Take Green Tea Supplements?

Ever since the health benefits of green tea were first revealed, there has been major growth in the number of people taking it as a herbal remedy.

In Asia and Japan, the majority of the people take their tea as a beverage. However with the advent of green tea extracts, the question arises whether users should continue to take it as a beverage or take it as green tea supplements.

Much of the scientific research suggests that drinking the beverage does confer the benefits. However, there may be reasons for preferring the green tea supplement as follows:

Convenience – it is much more convenient to pop the supplement than to brew a cup of tea. This is even more so when travelling or when not in one’s normal environment.

Standardization – the amount of ingredient in the supplement is known. The amount in the teacup is variable.

Different needs – different people may have different needs for example the needs of men, women and children may be different.

Bulk – the research suggests that benefits were seen in people taking at least 1.2L per day and in another study over 10 cups per day. These are bulky volumes that may not sit comfortably with some people.

Diuretic effect – the large volume of fluid taken in will increase the rate of urination. Depending on the circumstances, this may not always be convenient.

Taste – westerners generally drink black tea and often with milk. Green tea is drunk plain and it takes time for an unfamiliar palate to get used to the taste.

To overcome some of the problems listed above, there is an alternative offered by taking a daily green tea supplement in a simple and convenient form. This may well be preferable and better suited to some of the people interested in getting the benefits of this wonderful nutrient.

It is more impactful to take the green tea supplement as part of a broad spectrum formulation that contains many other ingredients because they are able to exert their maximal impact by working in harmony together.

Some nutraceuticals also have specific varieties for men, women and children. This ensures that the different needs of each of these groups are catered for.

It is also worth considering whether the supplement comes with enteric coating or not. This refers to the coating that is used to protect it from the actions of stomach acids. The nutrients therefore only get released when they get to the upper intestine.

It is great to be able to take advantage of the convenience and effectiveness offered by these types of formulations. If you would like to know more, please visit my website.

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