Why You Should Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

If you are fed up of the daily rigorous exercise program and diet, you can go for the latest option, which challenges such program: Green Tea.

Green Tea is a dynamic blend of the world’s best three teas. It is famous for its weight losing advantage. This tea cannot be treated as a substitute for your diet and exercise, but really helps you when added as a part of your appetite. It is a very good energy booster as it contains caffeine, which loads you with energy molecules. Sometimes Green Tea can add up to your incomplete food, which you have on a very busy day.

Scientists have proved and have shown examples that Green Tea acts as a very good weight reducer. Its powerful oxidants induce thermogenic effect, which increases body heat. This results in burning of fat and kick starting metabolic activities.

There are many green tea varieties in the market which promise to be as effective as GreenTea is, but they get bowled off as they contain low grade leaves which are unproductive.

GreenTea is a unique blend of Steamed Green Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong and Green Puerh. Independently each of them has their own benefits but when combined, they act as a combo power with the efficiency of three tealeaves.

When calculated independently Sencha contains an oxidant called Catechins, which is an anti-bacterial body. It destroys free radical, minimizes tension and stops blood clots thus reducing heart strokes and attacks. Oolong on the other hand, also contains strong oxidants, which help in reducing cholesterol levels and reducing calories. Puerh helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol level and inhibits formation of cancer cells.

GreenTea is a better calorie-burner than the normal green tea available. It has proved its relevance in today’s world. Its usefulness in making a smart youthful present by delaying ageing process and fighting wrinkles and dark spots is worth. Tava Tea also helps you in keeping your mind fresh and calm so as to make quick decisions. Just 2 cups daily can reduce 4% of extra fat of your body. It also boosts up your immunity system thus making your body strong from inside so that it can fight infections. Oolong teas leave helps making teeth strong by minimizing cavities. It also lowers the plaque formation in the arteries.

To be a recipient of all the benefits of Green Tea, you should drink it twice daily. Green tea bags are available in the market and are such made that the ingredients gets dissolve in the solute to the greatest extent. These are large nylon shaped tea bags are such made that the oxidants and minerals are extracted completely from them.

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