Green Tea: From Drinks to Facials

Tea is a drink.  That one that comes in a tiny bag with a thread on the other end.  That is what most people know.  A constant tea habit would result into numerous benefits to the body – this is the next piece of general information that we would perhaps be familiar with.  But putting a tea bag on the face?  Sounds silly.  Yet, there have been a lot of women putting this into practice.  They do their facials with green tea.  They follow a skincare regimen that doesn’t entail frequent appointments with the dermatologist or visits to skin care centers.

People most often use time to justify their lack of vanity sense.  They don’t have time to go to salons for a manicure, let alone a lengthy and relaxing facial massage.  Common reason:  They’re busy.  Everyone is just busy.  But we always have to be reminded that we still need to take care of ourselves no matter how busy our lifestyles are.  One can start off by paying attention to her skin – men and women alike – although women would require much more treatment due to hormonal skin changes.

And it seems to hold true of its word.  Indeed, green tea has been proven to be a very effective facial treatment, which only requires just a tea bag and a few other items.  There are quite a number of procedures that one can do with green tea; procedures that are extremely simple and hassle free – the most simple of which is by using the tea or the bag alone.

A hot (tolerably hot, not piping, okay) tea bag could be rubbed on the face for about 2 to 3 minutes or until it loses its heat.  The heat opens pores up to release trapped dirt.  Combined with green tea’s cleansing properties, the tandem results into a fresher-looking skin.  This is very much appropriate for extremely busy people.  Or if you’d still want to abide by your regular cleanser – then mix it up with a tea bag’s remains and do your usual drill.  Leaving it on for about 5 to 10 minutes would be better before rinsing it off.  The brew can also be used to wash a cleansed face.  Wet your face with leftover tea and then rinse with water.  Now, isn’t that simple enough?

A facial massage right in your kitchen island is very practical and easy.  Before stashing your used green tea bag in the trash, make use of what’s left.  Cut it open and empty its contents into a cup with a dash of honey.  Mix into a paste, massage on a clean face (sans makeup, creams or other residues), leave for about 10 to 20 minutes and rinse.  Voila!  Trouble-free acne treatment done!  However, a lot are faced with a common predicament:  they expect results in an instant.  But it does not work that way.  It takes diligence and patience before changes would be visible

The skin is your defense.  It is your portfolio.  It is your walking advertisement that could sell you off head on.  It is a marketing tool.  Frankly, people’s judgment is affected by how one looks.  So for that crucial interview up in a few days, with a zit right at the tip of your nose – zap the zit with green tea!  With practice, a nearly perfect skin will begin to show in no time.

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