Empty Bottle Moments

There are those unexpected and always priceless moments, spent with female friends when you realize something significant is about to unfold.

The Meeting:

“I thought the meeting was on Thursday morning” Carol said.

“No, I think it was on Thursday but it changed to Friday – at least that was what I was told” I responded.

“Okay, well, I know it was originally on Friday but they changed it to Thursday – are you sure?” Carol asked.

“I just talked to Joan and she said it was Friday morning and to be downstairs by 6:45″ I confirmed.

At 6:45 Friday morning, with sleep lines still visible on our faces, four women met in the hotel lobby and quietly piled into a cab.  There was one more joining us but she was staying at the same hotel where our “Simply Fabulous Females” meeting was taking place. Joan gushed over the fact that it meant so much to her that we woke up at such an early hour and how she greatly appreciated our dedication. We responded with a resounding “we wouldn’t miss it for anything”.

Arriving at our destination, we are greeted by our other friend, Cathy who tells us that we need to go see the aquarium by the bar in the hotel. “When my husband and I came back last night after a cocktail party, we noticed the beautiful, colorful fish swimming around inside”. We all agreed that we would go see it after breakfast.

Five simply fabulous females approach the young lady at the hostess stand and ask if we can be seated with our group.  Apparently she doesn’t understand; grabs five menus and proceeds to sit us at a regular table.  Without caffeine, our slow brain cells haven’t kicked in yet.  But, it’s beginning to hit us – “I think you’re seating us in the wrong place, where are the Simply Fabulous Females meeting?” Joan asks the hostess.  She nervously smiles, leaves us to go check and returns with the restaurant manager.

As fate would have it, the meeting was indeed on Thursday – not Friday.  Joan was mortified and so embarrassed.  You know how women are, at least women who are also friends, we were forgiving and never once busted her for this faux pas – yeah right!

Thus began a morning filled with a lot of laughter and playful innuendos, “I didn’t know it was so bright this early in the morning”, “It’s okay Joan, we all wanted to smother our husbands as they slept so warm and peaceful” and “No one will know anything different” as a woman from the group passed by and said, “We missed you yesterday”.

We spent the morning poking fun at ourselves, discussing what was going on in our lives and reassuring Joan that we too made these menopausal faux pas on a regular basis.  As the last glass of orange juice was poured from the carafe, we raised our glasses, gave them a little clink and with determination not to have the time wasted, Joan declared this to be the first Kalön Women, Houston Chapter meeting.

We rose from our chairs, said our goodbyes to Cathy and went in search of this beautiful aquarium she raved about.  What we found was indeed beautiful; a glass enclosure filled with glass fish, glass seaweed and glass bubbles…ahh isn’t it grand…this stage of life we are passing through…

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