When Is The Best Time To Eat When You Decide To Do Exercise?

Many ladies like to do aerobic exercise complain that they do not have time to have a meal before doing aerobic exercise, but they do want to eat anything after aerobic exercise, they are wondering whether it will harm to their body.
Even if there is time for you to eat; you are not supposed to have a meal before you take aerobic exercise. When you are doing exercise, your body can not digest large quantity of food. Therefore, your body will send the blood in digestive system to your muscles at this time. If the food stays in the stomach, you will feel uncomfortable, swirl and laziness when you are doing exercise.
However, it is unnecessary you do not have any food. If you have not had anything for five hours and continue to do strenuous activities, the body glucose or the blood sugar will become very low, which can not satisfy the need of strenuous exercise and may feel dizzy
It is indispensible to have the good diet and regular activities, thus you should try your best to adjust your dinner time and varied the types of food to adapt your life style.
The dietitian suggest we should have dinner at a fixed time, but this does not mean three meals a day. On time of doing exercise, your meal time ought to be adjusted on basis of the activity time and exercise intensity, particularly when you are doing strenuous exercise.
On the day of doing exercise, it is important for you to eat a nourishing breakfast and lunch. You should have the lunch a bit earlier that day. Take in some carbohydrate food every two hours in that afternoon. Drink as much as you can, particular you should drink one or two glass water in one hour before you plan to do exercise.
If you try to have about 50 grams carbohydrate food 5 to 20 minute before the exercises begin, this can help to improve your physical ability. If you want to do aerobic body building exercise, you also can try this 1 hour earlier. But it should not be too late, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable when you are doing exercises.
After you finish your activities, it is good for you to have some carbohydrate dessert or have a appropriate meal in order to give supply the glycogen and glucose which you consume during the exercise. But you should not eat too much food after nine clock whether you have activities or not, or you will end up with lots of fat in your body.

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