Natural Metabolism Boosters

As we age our metabolism slows down. However some people naturally have a slower metabolism due to their genetic makeup. A slow metabolism can be the cause of extra weight gain or fat storage in the body. Metabolism is dependent on several factors not just genetics including age, gender, physical condition, fat and muscle in … Read moreNatural Metabolism Boosters

How To Boost Metabolism

You will discover foods which will actually enable you to discover how to boost metabolism — in other words, they can accelerate the speed of which you burn calories. Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolic process and help burn off fat. Other foods that boost metabolism include spices and other foods … Read moreHow To Boost Metabolism

Weight Loss Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

While obesity become pandemic around the world, medical doctors and patients as well, are searching for methods which can help augment dieting and exercise in order to help many people lose weight via healthy strategies. One way that has been researched is the usage of green tea, to aid reducing excess body fat and body … Read moreWeight Loss Benefits of Drinking Green Tea