Discover The Secret of Getting the Best Brand of Green Tea

In superstores and local market, green tea is the latest fad among health enthusiasts and easily available. But it is not easy to get the best brand of green tea because this needs some hard work and time. First you need to know the reason you want to use green or any herbal tea. Any brand can be the substitude for your existing black tea or coffee and you don’t need to choose much about brand.


Though green tea is highly beneficial for many health issues, it is widely used for losing weight and improving cardiovascular health. As weight gain is a major health issue in the US, different variations of anti oxidant rich diets are highly popular among obese people. Green, organic or herbal teas are rich in antioxidants which help you lose weight naturally. Not only do you gain quick energy but also lose weight and get rid of cardio vascular health issues.


However when you are trying to get the best brand of organic or herbal tea, you must keep the following points in mind before shelling out your hard earned money.


• Place where it comes from – Though finest brands of green and herbal tea are not easily available outside China and Japan, you must make sure that your tea has been grown and harvested in China even it if is not of the finest quality.


• Date of packaging – Usually green tea starts losing is nutritional and medicinal properties after packaging therefore purchase only those brands that have been packaged within the last one month. After six months of packaging, you do not get more than 30% of nutritional benefits from your herbal tea.


• Harvesting season– the first harvest of the year produces the best quality of green tea. Find out which season it has been harvested in.


• Nitrogen Packaging– Organic or herbal teas packaged with nitrogen instead of oxygen so that nutritional contents do not lose their medicinal properties.


• Weight Loss tea– If your purpose of drinking green tea is to lose weight then you must go for specially formulated weight loss tea that contain a few other types of teas for enhancing its overall fat loss capabilities.


There are various herbal diets and teas available on the market that claim to help you lose weight. However the most recent brand of organic tea that has created sensation in the weight loss industry is Tava Tea. Apart from being organic tea, it contains some other ingredients that boost your metabolism in such a way that you start losing weight naturally


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