Drink wine for Relieve fatigue after exercise


Drink wine for Relieve fatigue after exercise


Do not drink before exercise, because alcohol can make your motor skills and sense of dull, alcohol can reduce the strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance. A large amount of alcohol will lead to reactions, balance and coordination reduction, even in the second day of moderate drinking, the athletic ability cannot be fully restored.


However, very few people know that if a small amount of a drink after exercise can ease the fatigue. Foreign medical research report, moderate consumption of alcohol can make arteries expand, blood pressure, suffering from mild hypertension and good for poor circulation in patients, while the amount of wine more favorable high-density lipoprotein enhance and reduce the harmful LDL protein, to prevent a heart attack.


Drink after exercise can alleviate the fatigue, because a large amount after exercise, lactic acid, causing acid-base imbalance in the body, and alcohol can make blood vessels to dilate, speed up the lactic acid metabolism.


Note that after exercise drink should follow the “timely,” “moderate,” “moderate” principle. “Timely” is not immediately stop the movement drinking, especially drinking a lot of beer, because it would increase the heart, kidneys, the burden of damage to health, should be chosen in the eating;

“Moderate” is the degree of exercise should be a low alcohol wine, such as wine, rice wine, beer, and our traditional brewing, such as Shaoxing wine, rice wine is popular nourishment tonic since ancient times; “modest” is the amount of alcohol should be appropriate, the general not exceeding 50 ml of liquor each time, beer does not exceed 300 ml.


In addition, the drink can select the ideal side dish a real treat, but also to supplement the lack of exercise nutrition, the best side dish when pushed high protein and vitamin and more food, such as fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, beans, eggs and so on.





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