Can Drinking Matcha Tea Relieve Stress?

The perfect coffee or regular tea substitute, green Matcha tea is a great stress reliever as well. Drinking Matcha tea helps you stay energized, charged and focused, calm and grounded at the same time. You will feel the alertness that you get from the coffee but there would be no coffee jitters. You can drink green Matcha tea anytime, anywhere. As per a recent research, Matcha green tea can lower blood pressure and is exceptionally beneficial in various health conditions including acne, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other common to critical illnesses.

Containing an amino acid called L-theanine, Living QiTM Matcha green tea is more potent than other green teas in the world. When L-theanine is absorbed into your bloodstream, dopamine levels increase in your brain. Dopamine is a hormone associated with a feeling of well-being. It’s a neurotransmitter that is released during pleasurable activities such as eating and sex. As per some studies, L-theanine may increase your brain’s production of serotonin and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). L-theanine puts our brains in alpha state, as a result we feel tremendously happy, relaxed as well as alert. Green Matcha tea supports a stress free mental state, healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar levels, and healthy energy levels.

Try Various Delicious Matcha Recipes

One of the best things about Matcha tea is that you can drink it and make various mouth-watering Matcha recipes such as a delicious Matcha Latte with it. The other delicious recipes you can try include Matcha Mocha Latte, Matcha Mint Banana Smoothie, Morning Matcha Weight Loss Sundae, Matcha Espresso, Matcha Lemonade et al.

Where to find all these delicious Matcha recipes?

Just like everything else, the best place to find these and more delicious Matcha recipes is the World Wide Web. Websites such as Living QiTM offer authentic Matcha recipes that you can try on your own. You can place the order for your Matcha green tea right online through such sites and enjoy your favorite Matcha.

Preparing Matcha in Traditional Way

Ordering a Matcha Whisk with Matcha powder is recommended if you wish to prepare Matcha in the traditional manner. Using the whisk will eliminate any clumping of the Matcha powder, creating a smooth, frothing cup of Matcha.

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