The Health Effects of Tea

Different kinds of tea has different health effects to human body. The most important thing is to know how to choose the right kind of tea according to the needs of your own body. Following we will introduce different kinds of tea and their specific effects.

First, green tea
First of all, let’s talk about green tea. Green tea is the most common tea that we drink in our daily life. It has a lot of effects, such as antioxidation. Green tea has always been loved by the majority of women, because it has a good antioxidant effect, which can clear the free radicals in human body, thus delaying the aging of the body.

The catechin contained in green tea can protect our skin from the harms of ultraviolet rays. What’s more, green tea also has the function of lowering the blood fat, fighting against cancer, and preventing tooth decay. At the same time, green tea can also help lose weight. It is mainly because that the caffeine and theophylline in tea leaves can effectively reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, thus playing an effect of losing weight. In a word, drinking tea regularly has a lot of benefits.

Second, black tea
Black tea has been fermented. The main health effect of black tea is to strengthen the bones, prevent osteoporosis, improve the appetite, promote the urination, eliminate the swelling and so on. What’s more, because black tea has a strong antibacterial ability, so it can also be used to prevent cold.

Third, scented tea
Long-term drinking scented tea can play the effects of beautifying the skin, eliminating the speckles, expelling of toxins, as well as improving the eyesight. As a result, it plays an important role in the beauty care for the women.

There are various kinds of scented tea, and each with its different function. For example, aloe and saffron crocus have the function of expelling of toxin and beautifying the skin; roselle can eliminate the speckles and whiten the skin; wild chrysanthemum and honeysuckle can improve the eyesight and reduce internal heat; lotus leaf and bitter melon tea have the effect of weight loss; lavender and rosemary can treat insomnia, and so on.

Fourth, white tea
White tea also has very good cosmetic effect. It has very effective antioxidant, whitening and detoxifying function. As a result, drinking white tea regularly is also a good choice for the women.

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