The Weight Loss Effects of Green Tea

Green tea has become a very popular beverage option in the Western culture and has always been a mainstay in Eastern cultures. It’s praised for its healthy benefits such as its high antioxidant content and its ability to reduce heart disease and assist in weight loss. Consuming green tea in a variety of different ways on a regular basis has been proven to help reduce appetite and increase metabolism which in turn assists in weight loss.

There are a variety of ways to obtain the weight loss benefits it has to offer. Drinking three to five cups, either hot or cold can help you reap its benefits. This is not a lot of tea and can easily be achieved by replacing your cups of coffee with tea. Most people drink a cup of coffee or two in the morning and then at have at least one additional cup of coffee during the day. You can get all the health benefits that you wouldn’t get from coffee and still get your caffeine fix naturally. If drinking large amounts of tea is not something you prefer to do you can also get the same benefits from capsules or a patch.

Green tea has been proven to reduce appetite thus assisting in weight loss. Green tea helps to control blood sugar or glucose levels. When blood sugar levels rise, a person is more likely to experience an increase in appetite. Green tea helps to control blood sugar levels and in doing so a person is less likely to eat. This is in turn aides in weight loss. Green tea could provide major benefits to people who have issues controlling their appetites due to unhealthy fluctuations in their blood sugar.

Similarly, an increase in metabolism is another positive weight loss attribute of green tea consumption. It has been proven in a number of studies to increase the metabolic rate of study participants. An increased metabolic rate increases the amount of energy used by the body in general and can help a person lose weight faster and more efficiently. People with a high metabolism are generally able to burn any energy they consume quickly. Used in conjunction with eating a healthy diet and participating in a daily exercise regimen, it can help burn energy more efficiently and ultimately reduce weight over a period of time.

Incorporating green tea into your daily lifestyle is very easy to do and will provide you with many health benefits including a heart-healthy diet and maintenance of a healthy weight.

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