Green Tea Moisturizers

Green Tea Moisturizers

For those of us with problematic skin, we need to be more careful about picking out skin moisturizers. Depending on the type of moisturizer you using, your skin may become greasy instead of being moisturized. Many lower quality lotions and moisturizers can clog your pores and irritate your skin. This skin irritation can lead to rosassia, discoloration or acne. Cleansing your skin with soaps and scrubs can causer dryness and a need for miniaturization. Green, tea moisturizers are amazing because they provide unparalleled miniaturization without the irritation and greasy residue.

This unique moisturizer is made from the extract of green, tea leaves, which contains large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants will protect you from free redials, while cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Free radicals, such as, sunlight and air pollution can cause wrinkles and a premature aged look. There many different types of green tea moisturizers on the market. Choose a lighter, more airy moisturizer for more sensitive, easily irritated skin types. You can purchase a green tea moisturizer with organic aloe vera for softer more nourished skin. There are even recipes for people to make their own, homemade green tea moisturizers. This, however, can be a bit complicated and will require hard to find ingredients. It may be more cost efficient to simply make a choice about which kind of green tea moisturizer is best for you and purchase it at a local retailer.

This brings up the question of price. Green tea moisturizers are more high-end and can cost you quite a bit of money. You should ask yourself if spending an extra few bucks is worth it for a high quality product. Green, tea moisturizer is the perfect skin treatment for people with sensitive, easily irritable skin. If you are looking to give your skin a glowing, younger appearance, just let the healing properties of the green tea extracts, heal the damages cause from years of exposure to free radicals. You can also use a green tea moisturizer directly before the application of make-up since it will be quickly absorbed into your skin.

Over all, I believe this type of moisturizer to be the cream of the crop, so to speak, of skin care and well worth the price.

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