Discover the Advantages of Taking Ginko Biloba and Green Tea Together

Discover the Advantages of Taking Ginko Biloba and Green Tea Together

Ginko biloba and green tea are natural health supplements which when taken together will maximize the benefits that one gets from each of these nutrients. The principle is known as synergy and has also been expressed as two plus two equals five.

Green tea (GT) contains polyphenols or catechins of which the best known is EGCG. Catechins are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent DNA and cell damage. On the other hand ginko biloba (GB) contains active substances that are also powerful antioxidants. Working together, this pair of natural compounds provides an enhanced antioxidant effect to the user than each working individually. Antioxidant activity is great for preventing premature aging.

Platelets are one of the constituents of the blood used to repair damaged vessels by forming clots that plug leaks in vessel walls. When wrong signals are given, platelets may aggregate and cause adverse consequences. Some of the adverse consequences include strokes, injury to heart tissue and the development of cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and nervous system disorders.

Again our heroes green tea and ginko biloba come to the rescue! GT with its catechin EGCG can act on platelets and other cells to prevent unwanted aggregation. On the other side, GB blocks PAF, the factor that is implicated in the aggregation of platelets. Thus we again have a synergistic and cooperative result from having these two supplements working together to protect the heart and circulation. Ginkgo itself also helps in improving blood circulation.

Each of these compounds also has its own beneficial effects which may not be so strongly displayed by the other.

Ginkgo has been used to enhance memory, increase concentration and some research has even shown it to be effective against Alzheimers although this is still in dispute.

Ginkgo also improves attention span and helps against intermittent claudication (the ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue especially in calf muscle) and vitiligo (a chronic condition resulting in loss of pigment in patches of the skin).

The GT catechins have been shown to be strong inhibitors of the three stages that start cancers namely initiation, promotion and progression. GT has also been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in serum.

Thus taking both ginko biloba and green tea gives one not only the synergistic benefits of the two substances, but one also gets the individual beneficial effects of each compound.

It is best to take a supplement that not only includes ginko biloba and green tea, but also other natural ingredients. The reason is precisely that of getting the different ingredients to work together and mutually enhance the benefits of each.

There is one available whose total ingredients go up to 90 and include resveratrol, lutein, policosanol, multi-vitamins, trace elements and many others.

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