Are There Side Effects of Using Green Tea For ADHD?

Isoflavones are powerful antioxidants found in numerous plant sources. Isoflavone rich foods like beans, tea and soy can protect against certain cancers, and have many other health benefits. But some isoflavones act as phytoestrogens, which may or may not be ideal for some people, especially children. Green tea for ADHD is rich in isoflavones and … Read moreAre There Side Effects of Using Green Tea For ADHD?

The Side Effects of Green Tea Are Mainly Positive

The green tea side effects are mostly positive, unless the brand that you are drinking or the supplement you are taking is loaded with caffeine. Any negative side effects of green tea would have to do with the caffeine content. Normally, a 100 mg extract would contain only 2-4mg of caffeine, but some supplement manufacturers … Read moreThe Side Effects of Green Tea Are Mainly Positive

Hair Transplant Side Effects

When you are thinking about getting a hair transplant, I highly recommend that you not only focus on the end result. The consultant you spoke with has no doubt shown you pictures of the work that his clinic has delivered. But the fact that other people have had great successes, doesn’t guarantee that you will … Read moreHair Transplant Side Effects

Tava Tea Review – Side Effects of Tava Tea

Why is Tava Tea a Good Weight Loss Option? Some people have really legitimate reasons to prevent pills and capsules of any kind – commonly due to difficulty swallowing since of medical conditions on the mouth and/or throat. Thus, a good a lot of medications come in liquid form. They’re really much less difficult to … Read moreTava Tea Review – Side Effects of Tava Tea

Side Effects of Clear Skin MAX

There is a vast range of skin care and acne treatment products available in the market which are made up of harsh chemicals. These products seem very effective in treating acne initially but regular application of chemical based products can spoil the natural softness and beauty of your skin. These products leave side effects on your skin … Read moreSide Effects of Clear Skin MAX