Green Tea for Celebrity Skin

The journey of green tea did not stop at the cup of hot water.  It also made pit stops to fat-laden body areas and dental clinics, being chief elements in diet regimens and toothpastes.  The success of green tea lies its abundant component, epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.  It is believed to be a very potent … Read moreGreen Tea for Celebrity Skin

Improving Your Health by Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea, which is made from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. It originated from China, and now, it is gaining popularity in Europe, Australia, US and the rest of Asia. This type of tea is recommended by experts as a healthier alternative to coffee. Green tea contains many different nutrients … Read moreImproving Your Health by Drinking Green Tea

Natural Metabolism Boosters

As we age our metabolism slows down. However some people naturally have a slower metabolism due to their genetic makeup. A slow metabolism can be the cause of extra weight gain or fat storage in the body. Metabolism is dependent on several factors not just genetics including age, gender, physical condition, fat and muscle in … Read moreNatural Metabolism Boosters

How much Green Tea should you have in a day!

By now all of us know that there are various health benefits associated with Green tea. The question is how much green tea should one consume? First of all there are no side effects of green tea however, excess of anything is bad. Thus to make sure that you have just the right quantity, here … Read moreHow much Green Tea should you have in a day!

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink A Day?

You can have as much green tea as you want, unlike coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Some doctors may suggest that you drink milder versions of jasmine or lavender Green Tea every day. It can curb hunger, keep you refreshed and your energy level high. During your day, this can also level out your level … Read moreHow Much Green Tea Should You Drink A Day?

Prevent Nausea after Drinking Green Tea

We are well aware of the health benefits of green tea. However, there is a good number of the population who is still unconvinced of the healing power of this popular health beverage. Even though green tea is known to treat many common ailments, there are some unlucky tea drinkers who actually experience nausea and … Read morePrevent Nausea after Drinking Green Tea